When you lease a car, you are able to drive your new vehicle with lower payments than a purchase agreement. Not only that but you have some options when the lease term comes to an end. If you are not sure what to do with your leased Mazda3 or Mazda CX-5 when it comes close to the end of the agreement, our team at Freeman Mazda is always here to help. Our customer service and Mazda finance professionals have all of the leasing advice and guidance that you could ask for at our Irving, TX Mazda dealership.

Buying Your Leased Car

When you make the choice to buy your Mazda car once the lease is up, you will take a lot of hassle out of needing to search for a vehicle. You also know the vehicle and that it has been kept in great condition throughout your lease. You will have the right of refusal for purchase and the dealership has a chance to buy it. If you decide to purchase it, you will not incur additional fees with the exception of sales tax in the state of Texas.

Returning Your Leased Car

If you decide to walk away from your lease, you are going to have any applicable mileage or wear and tear charges along with a disposition fee to pay. Should you decide that you want to trade your Mazda car in so that you can pick out another model, we can show you some of the options that we have available. For a trade in, you will also not owe additional charges.

There is a lot to love about leasing a vehicle and we make it easy for you at the end of your lease at Freeman Mazda. Come to see us today at 1840 East Airport Freeway in lovely Irving, TX if you would like to discuss your end of lease options. For more information, call our team at (888) 507-7507.