If you’re looking for some of the best new Mazda cars on the market, we recommend you pay a visit to our Irving, TX Mazda dealership. Our local Mazda dealership is where you’ll find the latest and greatest models, so it only makes that Freeman Mazda is your go-to for all things Mazda. 

Just like we’re your source for new Mazda vehicles, we’re also here for you any time your vehicle requires automotive advice. One tip we want to share with you is when to have your power steering system serviced.

How Often Should I Service My Power Steering? 

For starters, you should have your power steering fluid checked every time you bring your automobile to our Mazda service center near Euless, TX for an oil change. You should also ask us to inspect your system’s belts, ball joints, and tie rods at the same time. 

It’s imperative to have your entire power steering system inspected at least once per year as well. If your car is involved in an accident or you notice signs that your system is in trouble (i.e. whining sounds when you’re making a turn), your power steering system will need work immediately between annual inspections. 

While some power steering systems may never require a fluid change, a lot of them will. Although you won’t have to change your power steering fluid as often as oil changes, you will have to schedule a fluid change at certain time or at specific mileage increments. Check your owner’s manual or touch base with our Mazda service center to see when you’ll need to get your power steering fluid replaced. 

To learn more about when your power steering system will need service, get in touch with Freeman Mazda now.