No matter what your automotive needs may be, we’ve got you covered at Freeman Mazda of Irving, TX. Our team of dedicated car experts strives every day to meet and exceed our customer expectations, regardless if that means purchasing a new Mazda car or scheduling some much-needed springtime maintenance.

Winter can be pretty rough on your car. From salted roads to poor weather, it’s easy to see how winter is one of the hardest seasons on a vehicle. Fortunately, with the arrival of spring comes to the opportunity to have your vehicle inspected from bumper to bumper to ensure it’s ready to tackle spring and the rest of the year.

First things first, it might be a good idea to clear away any road salt that might’ve stuck to your car. When it snows, salt is often spread out on the road to keep cars from losing traction and skidding out of control. At the same time, over a prolonged period, road salt can do some serious damage to your car’s exterior. Washing this salt from your vehicle can ensure that your paint and some critical undercarriage components aren’t corroded.

In certain parts of the country and certain parts of Texas for that matter, the temperature gets so low that your car’s motor fluid runs the risk of freezing. To avoid these mechanics will typically recommend that you swap out for a cooler grade of motor fluid. With the warmer temperature of spring, it is important that you switch back to keep your engine running at peak performance.

Spring is here, and you shouldn’t perform seasonal maintenance on your own. At Freeman Mazda, our Mazda Service team can thoroughly evaluate your car and make sure you drive smoothly and safely on through the rest of the year.