For many drivers, finding a new Mazda car involves looking at affordability and evaluating individual driving preferences. As such, everyone’s budget is different, which is why we want to accommodate your own financial limits with our online shopping tools. On our website, you’ll find several convenient ways to shop for new vehicles, including the ability to filter your search by budget.

Search by Payment

While it’s always fun to shop for a new Mazda car, current circumstances have changed how we shop for vehicles. Now, people are turning to online shopping to help them buy a vehicle from home, and one way we’ve adapted to these changes is by establishing a new way to find certain vehicles.

Freeman Mazda has made it possible for you to buy or lease a new Mazda from the comfort of home with our Search by Payment tool. You can access this tool by heading to our website, clicking on our “New” tab, and selecting “Search by Payment” in the bottom right corner. 

You then have the ability to search our inventory based on your own payment configurations. The payment ranges you can select depend on whether you plan to buy or lease a new Mazda automobile. The search options you can select vary from $300 and under to $600 and above if you’re going to purchase a vehicle. Payment search options for potential lessees start at $200 and under and go up to $500 and above.  

After you select a payment range, you’ll need to provide some basic information, such as your name and the model you’re interested in. Once we have that information, we’ll reach out to you and help you secure the Mazda vehicle that’s truly best for you. 

If you need any help using our Search by Payment tool or you want to schedule a Mazda test drive, contact our Mazda dealers in Irving, TX