At Freeman Mazda we understand that no two drivers are the same. Some drivers prefer quiet street driving, while others appreciate the great outdoors, and our sales team is always willing to cater to every driver that sets foot on our dealership.

For drivers looking to tackle the dirt in their Mazda SUV, we always recommend that they ensure their vehicle is ready to handle the trek. Off-roading is often seen as the best way to experience the great outdoors. Not only do you get to explore completely remote areas of the world, but you can experience the wild like never before. That said, going in unprepared can be quite dangerous both for you and your vehicle.

One thing to look out for is your tires. Your tires serve as a basis for keeping traction with the trail, and supporting the weight of your vehicle if and when you encounter obstacles. By upgrading your street tires to tires that are designed to handle off-roading you can avoid finding yourself stuck on the side of the road in the middle of the wilderness.

Ground clearance is another pressing factor for off-roading. Your ground clearance is the amount of space that separates the ground from the underside of your car. If your ground clearance is too low you risk exposing some of your vehicle’s most crucial components to damage from dirt and debris. On top of ground clearance, you should also be sure you have a suitable skid plate. Skid plates act as shields for your car’s undercarriage and can deflect debris that comes its way.

If you’re hoping to take on the rough and tumble of the outdoors in your Mazda car our Mazda Service team can help you take care of all the necessary prep work. From installing new tires, to increasing your car’s ground clearance, Freeman Mazda can be your one stop shop for all your off-road maintenance needs.