This time of year, routine vehicle maintenance is important as ever, and nothing can ruin a road trip faster than a poorly functioning air conditioner. With the increased temperatures, your car has to work a bit harder to perform as well as it normally would, so it’s possible to encounter these kinds of problems, even in high quality vehicles. At our Mazda dealership, we can troubleshoot any kind of issue your car may be having, including trouble with your air conditioner during the summer.

There are several reasons why your AC may stop working seemingly out of the blue. If you’ve got the AC set to max cool and the fans are on high, but it’s only blowing that warmish-cool air, you could have a problem with the condenser or radiator. There may be a filter clog from leaves or other debris that your car sucked in on its journey during the colder months of the year.

Another common culprit of a poorly working AC is a low refrigerant level. Unfortunately, this isn’t as simple as topping off a fluid because there are different pressure systems at play that have to be taken into account for safety reasons. There could also be a leak in a hose or another area of the AC system which is causing the mechanism to lose pressure, resulting in warm air.

We can repair your air conditioner quickly at our service center, as we have the expertise and the right tools to do it. Rather than wasting time (and sweat) driving around in a toasty vehicle for the rest of the summer, come to us to get it taken care of promptly! For efficient and quick Mazda service, come on down to Freeman Mazda in Irving, TX.