If you’ve been to Freeman Mazda, you’ve probably already met our fantastic team of Mazda mechanics and Mazda sales professionals. However, did you know that one of our other passions is sharing info about car ownership, especially when it promotes safe driving?

Here are our tips for avoiding common road hazards:

-Prepare for the weather. While we don’t get a ton of snow in Texas, the threat of severe storms, flooding, and even tornadoes is possible. Any time there is water on the road, you’ll want to slow down to avoid hydroplaning, and make sure you keep those wipers in good working order, too.

-Avoid distractions. Of course, you should never drive while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or sleep deprivation. Almost just as bad as that is texting and driving. Make use of today’s modern Bluetooth® capabilities to substantially increase your driving safety.

-Slow down for construction. Each time you enter a construction zone, you need to expect the unexpected. To keep yourself, as well as those construction workers, safe you’ll need to drive slowly and be alert. You never know when there will be traffic cones, potholes, or other debris in the road.

-Yield for pedestrians, and keep an eye out for cyclists. In heavy foot traffic areas, as well as those places with bumper to bumper cars, trucks, and motorcycles, you’ll want to keep both hands on the wheel and prepare to stop quickly if need be. It never hurts to be the patient driver on the road, rather than a reckless one weaving in and out of traffic.

Come down to our new Mazda dealership near Irving to chat more about car ownership today. We hope this little refresher reminds you to be a courteous, cautious driver.