We’re gearing up to offer the upcoming 2019 Mazda3 here at your local Mazda dealership. Ahead of the release, we’re sharing some exciting news and information with you.


In an article from Road and Track, we’ve learned that there’s plenty to love about the 2019 Mazda3, especially in its ability to drive better by working with your body. The Mazda3 appears to be a very enticing vehicle in every area.


Regarding its general demeanor, the 2019 Mazda3 promises to be a quick and agile vehicle that gets you to your destination with plenty to enjoy along the way. Concerning how the Mazda3 works with your body, there seems to be some science behind it.


“The basic concept of what we’re always trying to do with jinba ittai is making the car feel completely natural,” said Dave Coleman, Development Vehicle Engineer at Mazda, according to Road and Track. The phrase “jinba ittai” is Japanese and roughly translates to mean horse and rider as one.


The basic principle behind the effort to improve the vehicle’s drive comes down to how your body holds itself up while seated and driving, particularly when it comes to head motion. 


“We use some very critical words in our engineering,” Kelvin Hiraishi, Director of R&D Engineering at Mazda said. “Terms like controllability, linearity, directness, smoothness … these are engineering terms that we use. Our specification is not 200 horsepower, 500 horsepower. Our specifications are these words.”


All this effort is meant to essentially minimize discomfort and overall body movement as you trek over difficult terrain. Overall, the vehicle is poised to better keep you stable and comfortable throughout every ride, working with your body rather than against it.


We’ll give you more information about this new Mazda model as we get closer to its availability. For now, please feel free to stop by our Irving, TX Mazda dealership for all your current model needs.